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Aussie truckie delivering water to drought-stricken farmers
HEalth Coach and Volunteer
Introducing Sian Stimson. Health Coach and Volunteer
Simple Fundraising
Six Easy Fundraising Ideas
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When it all turns to crap! Breath!
How to plan your fundraiser. A complete checklist!
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Should you serve alcohol at your school function?
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Mike Williams theoztrucker delivering water to drought stricken farmers

Aussie truckie delivering water to drought-stricken farmers

A truckie delivering water to drought-stricken farmers is just the start! It would be impossible not to know there was a drought happening in Australia. Its as severe as they come. But for those living in cities, it can seem like a problem that is too far away. However, for our drought stricken farmers, it is a living nightmare. One…
Serve alcohol. White wine

Should you serve alcohol at your school function?

Should you serve alcohol at your school function? After all, its always a great fundraising earner. So, I’m going to put my hand up (I’ll try not to be too eager) and say a big, huge YES to this question. However, I know there is also an argument for an equally strong no. First, lets get this straight. I’m not…
Man holding fundraising money

Six Easy Fundraising Ideas

I've compiled six easy fundraising ideas that don’t require a lot of help! Because we all know that finding enough volunteers is challenging at the best of times. Too often I hear people say they love helping out, but it becomes incredibly exhausting. So, the secret is to find a fundraiser that doesn’t take up too many man hours. Below…
Sian Stimson healthy living

Introducing Sian Stimson. Health Coach and Volunteer

Sian Stimson is a Nutrition Health Coach and Charity Volunteer.  In her business, Healthy Living with Sian Stimson, she specialises in practical health & nutrition coaching for busy women. I have been lucky enough to have exchanged many emails and also had a wonderful chat with Sian over Zoom. She has an infectious, happy attitude for life and helping others.…
Bullying sad school child

Bullying! The ongoing topic at all schools

Bullying has been the buzzword at every school for quite some time. Everyone has an opinion. “The word is overused”, “They need to toughen up”, “The school ignores it” “The school panders to it” it never ends. To be honest, most of those comments have some truth to them. Fingers are pointed in every direction. But as a member of…
Cup od tea Volunteer Mum

When it all turns to crap! Breath!

If it all goes pear shaped, breath. Its been a crazy few weeks here at my HQ. It started with a ‘whole school’ excursion to the theatre and museum. But I should add that meant 4 hours each way on a bus. It was an amazing day. We saw ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ and seeing the expressions of awe…
Chicken and pesto recipe

Easy and Fast Pesto Chicken and Veges Recipe

Who doesn't love a great Pesto Chicken recipe? This recipe is amazing!! So, we have started to eat healthier in our household. But that can be easier said than done. Firstly, healthier cannot mean more complicated. The time I have available to cook dinner every night hasn’t changed. The budget hasn’t changed either. So, with perfect timing a friend popped…
Graphic Designer

Introducing Lesley. Business Owner and PTA Member

PTA Member, Business Owner & Mum I'd like to introduce you to an incredibly talented lady, Lesley Webb. PTA Member, Business Owner & Mum. I have known Lesley for a few years now through my business Ruby Bay Design Co. Just like yourself, she is another one of those people who, although incredibly busy in her own life and work,…
plan your fundraiser

How to plan your fundraiser. A complete checklist!

How to plan your fundraiser! 1. Weigh up and review last years efforts The first step in order to plan your upcoming fundraiser, is to go back and look at your previous year. What worked and what didn’t? Consider your answers to the following questions: (what have the worksheet all ready done for you right here) Also if you have…
Jasey Stanley Most Beautiful

Where are you most Beautiful?

Have you seen this book? "Where are you most beautiful?" Recently I was chatting with a friend over Facebook. I haven't seen her in years, and we just so happened to be in the same Facebook group. So, we excitedly filled each other in on what we've been doing, and she told me about a book she had written. Not…